KIX Shoe Eraser

KIX Shoe Eraser

$ 8.99

Cleaning your kicks will no longer be a tough job. Effortlessly clean dirt and marks off from your beloved sneaker. Bring your shoes back to life within minutes. 

  • The ultimate spot cleaner for whiten the sole without damage to the sneaker’s surface 
  • Quickly and effectively remove dirt of leather, suede and nubuck
  • It is non-toxic which is safe to use
  • Very suitable for travel


Think of the pencil mark that was written onto the paper. Sometimes the dirt will not come off with water, but by using an eraser. The more you rub, the more dirt will be erased

KIX shoes eraser  is an everyday spot cleaning which provides convenient and effective cleaning for suede and nubuck footwear.  Very simple, practical and useful for travel. You are able to use the eraser anywhere you want.  This item will become one of your favorite cleaning tools!

Note: This eraser is unable to restore the shoes that have already produced chemical reactions, such as the yellowing of the shoes, or the penetration of oil into the material of the shoes.


  • Ensure sneaker surface is completely dry
  • Rub into the affected area on your sneaker
  • Brush suede in one direction for best results