About Us

We believe that traveling can provide valuable life lessons and enhance your creativity. Life can be so much fun and meaningful when you start your own journey.

Absolutely, going out with a pair of your beloved sneakers are a good choice! You probably wear your staple shoes every day, those you walk miles on miles in. The journey may leave marks on sneakers, but there is good memory leave behind too.

You are able to wear your beloved sneaker wherever so that you feel extremely confident in every step you take and not have to worry about them get worn out.

As we have a comprehensive understanding of all sneaker lover’ needs.  KIX will keep you inspired and motivated while looking totally on point, of course. We can offer you the best shoe treatment. Because we realize that kicks are just special.

Since the sneaker trend has entirely pervaded all around the world.  Sneakers become one of the indispensable items which are now widely used for everyday casual wear. Instead of constantly spending money to buy a new pair of shoes, you can revive the footwear with our cleaning tool to keep your shoes in pristine condition and make them last longer.

KIX has established to restore your beloved shoes with effective cleaning tool. To avoid long and tedious process. We proudly introduce our shoe cleaner with powerful formula that ensure your shoes will get deep cleaning and full protection within minutes.

Whether you are utilitarian or aesthetic, you will find our products from cleaning foam, waterproof spray, sneaker deodorant spray and more.

Our achievement is to provide the best clean and to deliver impressive results after using our products. Furthermore, we believe that life was meant for great adventures and worthy experiences. We encourage all sneaker wearers to enjoy your journey in every move without being concerned for dirty looks.


We are what you are looking for. Let’s Kick It Extremely!